Seeing as my last few blogs have been about somewhat difficult issues to discuss, I decided I needed to write something more uplifting. Maybe something about puppies or ice cream. Or pandas!
Now there’s a topic I know a lot about. Giant pandas to be specific. I have visited the largest panda conservation base in the world twice, which sparked only a slight (read : EMBARRASSINGLY LARGE) obsession with the precious creatures. Those black and white bears are some of the most adorable, playful, and cuddly animals ever!  Even so, pandas are not the smartest species in existence. Yes. I said it.


Adult pandas pretty much sit around and eat bamboo. Sounds like a great life, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there is only one type of bamboo that pandas like and it has next to no nutritional value. This means that a panda has to consume excessive amounts of bamboo in order to do even the most basic activities. They are ultimately dependent on the bamboo for survival, because without it they would die. Even if everything else in their lives was taken from them, pandas would be blissfully content with only their bamboo.


Why am I telling you all of this information (other than a clear aspiration to write for National Geographic)? Because that kind of dependence is the kind of dependence I desire in Christ. I want to be so utterly dependent on him that apart from him, I can do nothing. When people look at my life, I want them to see that he is the only source of joy and satisfaction. I desire to need Christ for even the most basic activities. If everything else was taken from my life, I want to have such an amazing love for Christ that it would not affect my faith.


And that’s why I love pandas.

Now if I could only justify the massive collection of panda paraphernalia I have accumulated…



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