The cancer story God has written in Tim Timmons’ life has given Tim full back-stage access into the sorrow of others. Tim’s diagnosis opens up powerful ministry opportunities helping people see the purpose in their pain. Tim’s story fuels the flame of worship in his newest album “Awake Our Souls,” releasing October 2. Tim rallies the church to surrender our lives full board to be a breathing example of the Kingdom of God wherever we are, cancer or no cancer.

While Tim Timmons says that cancer is not his identity, he realizes it is a vehicle through which he can identify with people towing around suffering. Tim’s music bridges the gap with people because his message is different. He’s been there, and because of Tim’s cancer experience, people listen.

“A million people write songs about sorrow,” Tim said. “When you’ve gone through sorrow, you can speak into sorrow…The gift of sorrow is to lean into the broken.”

“Awake Our Souls”

Tim Timmons says his cancer diagnosis “changes everything.” Cancer causes him to pursue life differently.

“The greatest gift of sorrow and cancer and calamity is perspective,” Tim said.

This perspective has given Tim the mission of leaving a legacy through his music that points straight to the Kingdom of God. That’s the driving force behind Tim’s new album “Awake Our Souls.”

“The main message I want to get through with ‘Awake Our Souls’ is that there is so much more available to us. If Jesus is with us, in us and through us, that means we have the fullness of God in us. That is the most crazy thing! I don’t know, I feel like I should be on the ground saying that. You know—just face down. “

The title track “Awake Our Souls” is a battle cry beckoning us to be surrendered to God’s purposes no matter our circumstances.

“These songs are prayers that we’re praying…These songs are prayers that I’ve needed to pray.”

Awake our souls, awake our souls
Open our eyes to see it ‘cause
Everywhere the King is, there is the kingdom

Following Jesus In Cancer

To remind himself of his commitment to yield to Christ in his life—even the cancer, every day, Tim takes a Sharpie and marks his arm with an “X” as a visual cue to live as one marked by the Kingdom of God.

“I don’t know if I’ve been more asking Him to follow me, or me following Him most of my life.”

Tim says at the end of the day, he has to let his kingdom fall because God’s Kingdom will be the only one left standing.

As a worship leader, Tim Timmons’ heart is to help people reach the fullness of joy through Jesus Christ.

“People are happy as Hell, but they are joyless,” Tim said tongue-in-cheek.

In ministry, Timmons has seen people pursuing what he calls a “contrived joy.” But the true joy that comes from the hope of the Gospel through faith isn’t something you can work up. It only comes from a real tangible knowledge—an experience of Jesus Christ and who He is.

“If the church lived as though this stuff about Jesus is true, man, it would be a revolution.”

Tim Timmons’ Living Legacy

Tim Timmons is no different than anyone else. We are all one breath—one heartbeat away from life to legacy. Tim has learned how fragile life is through his cancer. It has given Tim amazing clarity about the value of each moment we have here on earth.

“I’m still learning the verse he gave me at the beginning, ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.’”

And just like that, no holds barred, Tim leads us in worship—with the songs he has written and sings, and the life of worship he lives. Nothing puts God’s glory on display more than when we surrender our weak moments on earth to an all-powerful God.

Tim Timmons is leaving a legacy—cancer and all—showing us how to suffer well, and how awake our souls in worship.

Catch Tim Timmons and his new tunes from Awake Our Souls this fall as he travels with Mercy Me and Phil Wickham on the “Greater Than” tour. Visit for more information.