So, you’ve read your Shattered magazine. We get it – you need new material. Lucky for you, our Winter issue should be in stores very very very soon! Very. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Barnes & Noble to buy or request a copy. Or wait patiently like a good little reader, for your subscription to hit your doorstep.


To hold you over – we’ve gathered some creative and ridiculous uses for those 100 glossy pages. Note: no animals were harmed in the practicing of these 10 uses. We ask that you DO try these at home. Enjoy!


Top Ten Uses for Shattered Magazine


10. Use your issue to kill a spider on the wall before it falls behind your bed only to emerge in the middle of the night to hunt you. “Thank you, sweet Jesus, for my Shattered magazine”


9. Frame the verse pages as budget friendly wall decor. #cute #pinterest #chevron #burlap #frames


8. Give a copy to house guests when they visit over the Holidays – good talking points at dinner and a unique keepsake from their visit.


7. Empty the cash in your wallet and stuff it into a copy to give to a homeless person on the highway. This is a win, win, win!


6. Use Shattered as a sleeve to stuff your mail into on the way back from the mailbox. Maybe one of your neighbors will spot you with it and ask about it. Give it to them!


5.  Read it in public to make all of humanity jealous of your awesome literary selection. “What is that glorious book?” they’ll say and, “Wow, that person is fancy!”


4. Give Shattered as a gift to family and friends at Christmas! (DUH, yall! How many times do we have to promote this?)


3. Use your copy as a thin weapon to retrieve items that fall into the abyss between the console and your seat in the car. Seriously – this is a real threat to phones, chap sticks, and dolla’ bills.


2. Enlist your magazine as a versatile prop at a community Improve theater.


And lastly, the number one use for Shattered Magazine….


1. Use your Shattered magazine full of real, raw stories to SHARE yours with people you meet. Open the pages, open your heart, and speak OUT!

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