In honor of Veterans Day, Rachael Jackson, Shattered’s founder, Editor-in-Chief, and our very own veteran, shares some reflections on the significance of soldiers in God’s big story. We want to say thank you to the veterans who have served our country and been a reflection of the greatest rescue story the world has ever known.

There is a story within all of us—and something deep inside that story is something that longs to fight. We fight for many things. Justice, freedom, family, friends, survival, hope, fairness, peace and the list goes on.

My story includes the opportunity to be a soldier. I have served alongside some of the most courageous, heroic people you’ll ever know. I have lost friends, classmates, and fellow pilots. I have seen my friends recovering in hospitals after being blown up by IEDs. I get choked up watching homecomings, knowing the sacrifice of spouses and children as well as the soldiers. I have said “thank you” and have been thanked. When I see the veteran’s hat, shirt, or license plate, I say a prayer.

And my heart aches. My heart aches for the story of every soldier.

“Lord, why? Why the sacrifice of so many? Why the sacrifice of fathers, mothers, children? Why the evil? So. Much. Evil.”

And He whispers to me, “It’s the bigger story Rachael. It’s the story of unspeakable evil that threatens to overcome. It’s the story of heroes who sacrifice it all to offer others a chance at life and freedom. Free from horror and evil, full of hope and purpose. It’s a reflection of my story.”

The bigger story is love and sacrifice for the glory of God. It is the ultimate reflection of God’s story and our redemption. It is the reflection of the unspeakable evil and horror that threatens to consume us and the ultimate hero who steps in. It’s the story of Jesus—He battled sin and came out victorious. He was put to death and then conquered the grave. It is the greatest display of love and heroism the world has ever or will ever see. And when we reflect this in our own lives, it is the greatest display of our hope in Him and His glory.

In God’s bigger story, we are all made warriors in His image. We have a deep and insatiable need for love and relationship. And we have all been commanded to reflect God’s glory to the world. We all have been called to lay down our lives for such if need be. It is the most amazing way to share God’s story, and the ultimate love, hope, purpose and glory with those who have no understanding of the story of the Gospel.