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Do you have a testimony of encountering Jesus in your life to share with Shattered Magazine and our readers? Do you know of someone else who does and might be willing to share? We are looking for stories to use in our features, life, community and mission sections. We want to know about your experience with Jesus. Where did He meet you? Where does He continue to meet you? How has He used what others intended for evil in your life for good? How has He taken what you have screwed up and redeemed for His glory? How has He used community to be a part of your story? Or, how has your community been a part of a larger story? Has God moved you to share Him with others? What has that looked like?

No topic is off limits, as long as it lines up with the true Gospel and this Statement of Faith.

You can submit your written pitch here. Send us the basic precepts of the story and we will follow up with you if it’s something we can pursue. All you have to do is make sure you read/comply and understand/agree to our Submission Terms and Conditions (click here). If your pitch is chosen to be published (either on our website or in our magazine), you will be contacted via email for an interview.

By submitting your written work, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to any and all legal conditions and you certify that you have followed our guidelines.


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