After touring the country with a rock band, We Are MessengersDarren Mulligan sold all of his guitars. He had become a Christian, fallen in love with God, and resolved to live a different way.

Darren Mulligan, an Irishman, is a self-taught guitarist. When his parents gave him his first guitar at age 13, he knew that was his new dream. He was influenced by American music and listened to anything he could get his hands on.

But Darren became “morosely sad” in his teenage years. He can’t even tell you why. He was just sad. He began drinking, and when he went to college to study philosophy, he didn’t get any questions answered. Instead, he just found more questions.

Darren Seeking Stardom

Though he had fallen in love with a beautiful Scottish woman named Heidi—whom he met in a chance encounter on the street in Ireland—he abandoned her to seek the rock star life. He toured the United States with his rock band in pursuit of fame and fortune, while he lost control of everything else.

Meanwhile, Heidi had become a Christian. But Darren was miserable, and when he heard about her newfound faith, he didn’t like it. He didn’t like being miserable while she was happy.

But Heidi was praying for Darren, who had quit the band and moved back to Ireland and asked her to marry him—even though he had no job or prospects.

Up to this point, Darren declared himself an atheist. But three weeks before their wedding, something happened that Darren never saw coming.

Darren Seeking Jesus 

Darren had seen a massive difference in Heidi, and when she invited him to church one night, Darren believed he could be different, too.

“I felt so wretched, so dirty. I could feel my skin crawling,” writes Darren. “God seemed so real that night. He seemed so holy. There was this huge chasm between Him and me…so I gave my life to the Lord that night.”

Darren said it wasn’t an overnight change; as he read the Bible over the following weeks, he began to understand and gradually fell in love with God. That’s when he sold his guitars, determined to live differently. He took a job outside the music world and only played for a small Christian band on the weekends.

We Are Messengers

Fast forward two full-length albums and a record deal offer, and now Darren and Heidi and their three children are living in Franklin, Tennessee, releasing the self-titled debut album, We Are Messengers.

“We have an opportunity to travel all across America and the world sharing the Gospel,” says Darren. “And I thought I could never be used for anything decent again.”

“We Are Messengers” is available at, iTunes, Amazon, And Spotify.