The Bible. A massive book composed of different chapters, writers, and perspectives featuring the same glorious hero — Jesus. The common thread of Christ’s crimson blood fluidly connecting each and every true story in the Bible is what makes it the best book around. Seriously. Forget Shattered Magazine and all the other pages that fill your coffee table (huh?). If you are stumped at what to pick up in your free time, I can assure you that the Word of God will not waste your time or do you wrong. It promises this very truth in Isaiah 55.

steward what you’ve been given

At Shattered we write, tell, and share true stories. Similar to the ones in the Bible, our wish is that each story features the common thread of Christ. It wasn’t until a recent interview with one of our featured story subjects that I heard the phrase “steward your story well.” It sort of caught me off guard. I didn’t really ever think to steward a story. I know to steward my finances, time, energy, and resources, but I’ve never thought of a story as something that can be used or wasted.

Money can be spent wisely or frittered away carelessly. Time can be lollygagged poorly or scheduled efficiently. Energy can be spent on silly struggles or applied to challenging obstacles. And of course resources can be creatively applied or obliviously ignored. Not only can each of these be stewarded, but when taken into our own controlling hands, they can be idolized.

Maybe it’s because I view my story as pretty basic. I’m a pretty boring gal. “Nothing to see here. Keep moving, people.” I forget that God capturing my heart at a young age and guiding me towards Him are a piece of the “bigger” stories I write about on the pages of this magazine. It is what connects us. The electrifying ribbon of Christ’s contagious love that I spoke about earlier.

the process

I interview people and vigorously take notes. We cry. We get to know each other. I hear their voice and listen. We laugh. Connect. I come home, re-read, and sob. I start to write. I rip open the wounds. One by one. Like a knife to a pillow case, the pain flies out like feathers all over my heart and mind. I panic. I remind the reader of Christ. I feel myself reeling with confusion, empathy, and desperation. I remind myself of Christ.


Through being tasked with the goal of telling the stories of others, I’ve realized we (even boring me) have all been given something. A ballad of blood-washed praise and a tale of forgiveness. Salvation. And we must steward it well. When we surrender our hearts, dreams, failures, and realities to God, we are cut loose from the chains that cement our feet in fear. We are charged to tell those who need to hear, unleash the humility that begs for revelation, and expose the last ounce of pride we may have once had in order to further Christ’s work in the lives of ourselves and others.

we whisper…

You are not a writer; you don’t know where to begin; it’s too painful; you need more time; and you’re scared. We have been given a team of writers. They can help you begin. Jesus can soothe your pain as you look to Him. You can have all the time you need. And most of all, we will urge you to overcome your fear. You are fearful of those who have not and will never defeat the Lord.

Wiggle your toes free and take the first step.

We are ready to help you tell your story.

This is our purpose with these generously tangible pages, our hope with each round of tedious hair-pulling editing, our desire with each late night spent with glazed eyes designing…

With bated breath, we whisper, “What are you waiting for?”