Beelitz Military Hospital, Abandoned

In the former Soviet-controlled East Germany sits Beelitz Military Hospital. An abandoned governmental hospital, its halls and beds sit empty, waiting, like a time capsule. Time and ruin have begun their assault on the once state-of-the-art facility. Long ago, this place was used as a research and healing center. Experiments were done by a flurry of physicians, pharmacists and herbalists, hoping to make discoveries that would benefit both the German and the Soviet armies.

The hospital became one of many failed projects during the cold war era. Due to lack of funding, it was abandoned and its outer doors were boarded up. Now it serves as an eerie destination for photographers and vagrants.

Imagine for a moment that in a corner of the deserted hospital lab lies a locked closet. The key was lost years ago, forgotten somewhere between budget cuts and bureaucracy. Inside the closet are neat rows of glass jars containing healing medicines, herbs and compounds. The brown bottles lie dormant, collecting dust, yet their contents remain unchanged. If opened and used correctly, they could be used to produce healing, energy, helpful actions and chain reactions. The medicines in Beelitz Military Hospital could be used for much good, but silently they sit, sealed and unused, helping no one.

Truth, Abandoned

Some of us have experienced the same phenomenon in our own lives. For years, we have let powerful life-changing medicines sit dormant. We have dusty Bibles put away on forgotten shelves, seldom opened and rarely used. The Word of the Creator is much like that lab closet of medicines for the soul. These truths were meant to be used daily in the lab of life, yet sometimes they sit unused, like forgotten vials of untapped power.

Some open their “lab closet” often, sorting through and learning about the different compounds of truth. They are familiar with the closet contents, but have failed to use them for healing in their own lives. These people often try to share the powerful truths with others, but they cannot be effectively shared unless they are first applied personally. These well-intentioned people often cause harm to others, rather than healing.

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Truth: Use It or Lose It

The potent truths of the Bible come in different forms: principles, promises and practices. Combinations of these produce strong and spirited reactions. These reactions cause further reactions that ripple out from our lives to the lives of others. Somehow the Spirit of God can cause the effects of these truths to multiply, altering the course of many lives.

Some of the discoveries made and applied in our life’s lab can be forgotten if not chronicled, like a lost treasure never to be found again. Sometimes we forget to continue the application of truths and become soul sick. The only way to prevent this is to know and practice the truths daily, along with the catalyst of prayer. Those committed to the use of the Word become specialists over time, helping others to discover secrets of wisdom, hope and love.

It is a great waste to have an abandoned hospital full of medicine in a land of sick people. The Beelitz Military Hospital stands as a physical reminder of our tendency to misuse precious resources and forget knowledge. We can all let opportunities for healing slip by us as well.

A failure to use truths that the Creator of life has shared with us is the greatest tragedy: to have had life’s cure in our hands and homes and to have never used it. Let this not be us. Let us know and apply the great and wonderful Word of God every day, being careful to waste none of the precious power locked away in its pages.