In the previous article, we discussed the fact that eternity is more than just a long time. It is, indeed, the fullness of time where our Creator God currently dwells. As exciting as that thought is, it has been my personal experience not many Christians seem to want to talk about eternity. Furthermore, when I do encounter the brave soul who is willing to examine the subject, I often pick up on misconceptions galore concerning our future inheritance as believers in Jesus Christ.

It isn’t their fault, really. Popular media outlets, with their images of chubby, angelic-like, diaper-clad beings, insinuate we will forever hang out on fluffy, white clouds while strumming harps. That sounds incredibly boring.

And I’m not sure where that idea originated, but nearly every Christian I have talked with has the idea that Heaven will be a never-ending church service. No offense, but that concept does not settle well with me, either. If I am honest, my brain can only engage in a church service as long as my rear end allows it to do so. 

So do we blame Hallmark and well-meaning, yet misinformed, church goers for these conclusions about eternity? Absolutely not! The culprit behind this misinformation is much more sinister, and much more ancient.

In Revelation chapter 13, verse 6, we are told of a beast (an antichrist-type character empowered by Satan) who opens his mouth to blaspheme God, His people and His dwelling place. Did you catch that? The enemy of the people of God blasphemes, not only God Himself, but His dwelling place. 

Why would he do that? Well, if the enemy of our souls can convince God’s people that His future plan is not that exciting, then we won’t prepare for the transition, and we sure won’t be busy gathering others to go with us. If all we can envision is floating on clouds, strumming harps and singing 8,000 verses of Amazing Grace, then we’ve succumbed to the enemy’s strategy.

It’s easy for Christians to assume that dwelling in eternity with God will be boring because all too often our Christian lives are boring. But that’s not God’s fault; that’s all on us. 

Our heavenly Father is calling us to a great adventure. He longs for us to know Him, to trust Him to fill our days with divine appointments, and to experience the child-like joy of being in His presence. 

Don’t fall prey to the enemy’s lies. Eternity with God will be nothing short of exhilarating.

We’ll continue this topic of eternity in future articles by digging into the specifics of what we will do in Heaven, who we will meet, and what Heaven will look like. We will settle for nothing less than what the Bible has to say, and hopefully, we will see that the fullness of time with our Father is what our hearts have been longing for all along.