When I first met Nancy, I knew her story was one that needed to be told, though maybe she wouldn’t say the same. She told me about her ministry of encouraging people in the hospital and asked if she could have some copies of Shattered to share with them. “Of course!” I said, but what I really wanted was to share her story. Because ministry like Nancy’s is so doable, and it’s not as scary as you might think…

Hospital visits didn’t sound like something I wanted to do. Visiting people I didn’t know, especially those who were sick, was scary. But that’s what my husband felt led to do and he asked me to join him.

I struggled with the thought of visiting a sick person I didn’t know. Would I be uncomfortable? Would I make them uncomfortable? Would I know what to say? These were just some of the questions going through my mind.

I thought I’d stand quietly beside my husband, be supportive, and let him do all the talking. That sounded easy enough. Meeting new people is hard for me, but meeting sick people and their families was downright scary. Who knew what I would be walking into—sick people that didn’t want to be bothered, upset family members, diseases that I didn’t want to think about?

I’ll be honest, I only went to encourage my husband. But what a blessing I would have missed if I hadn’t gone!

One day I especially remember, we visited an older man who was very sick. I thought I would be uncomfortable and in the way. I told myself this would be my last visit to the hospital with my husband. But I was so wrong. While visiting with him, we met his daughter, who needed a hug and someone to listen. I could feel God’s presence surrounding us, and I left that room humbled.

My Sweet Spot 

I knew I was right where I was supposed to be—helping my husband encourage others.  I didn’t have to go into a room of strangers and start up a conversation. I just needed to listen—I could do that. I needed to be encouraging and to show them God’s love—I could do that too. I’ve realized that people in the hospital are the same as you and me and not scary at all.

When God has a plan for you, He also gives you the strength and knowledge to carry it out. I am humbled to enter a room to visit and pray with those that are sick or to encourage and pray with family members. I am blessed knowing I am being a blessing to others; I know I’m exactly where God wants me to be.

Visiting isn’t scary to me anymore, and it’s not something I do just to be supportive. I leave the hospital knowing I have shown someone that God loves them and hasn’t forgotten them. And I leave knowing God is in control.

I leave blessed, too.