Some of you may be wondering why Shattered Magazine likes to throw a lot of parties.

We believe it’s super important to get together and celebrate as often as possible! With our community celebrations, and with every event we put on, we hope to accomplish the following:

1) Strengthen our community.

We can’t really be in a community, or even successful in our own story, without surrounding ourselves with people who have the same heartbeat for Jesus and love for us. When a strong community gets to work, there’s no telling what it can accomplish. We love to see our city come together and support each other as much as possible!

2) Demonstrate the joy of being all about Jesus.

When people look at those of us who love the Lord and are walking in a relationship with Him, they should see people who love to party! We have so much to celebrate.

3) Give back.

Shattered Magazine wants to ultimately be a source of encouragement for each one of you to live out your story for His glory. We have partnered with several individuals, ministries, businesses, and organizations in order to encourage you. Now is our chance to encourage them! Our support for each other as we live out God’s purpose is crucial to community success and Gospel thriving.

4) Say thank you to you.

Why sit around and be bored, or worse yet, do housework, when you can come out and be thanked, be encouraged, and hopefully be inspired?

5) Say thank you to Jesus.

He has provided for yet another season in our lives. Why wouldn’t we celebrate?

6) And, of course, have fun!

Do we really need a reason for that?

Come Join Us!

Let us know if you are coming to our next community celebration on August 14th from 11am to 2pm at the Roundhouse in Huntsville by signing up on Facebook. Entrance is free, but there will be food trucks available to purchase lunch and our partner organizations will be selling their products as well.

You can also subscribe to Shattered Magazine at the event and participate in a number of giveaways we are doing!

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