As previously discussed, we who are believers in Christ will have work to do in His coming Kingdom. For some of us more inquisitive types, that raises another question: What specific jobs will we have?

First, let’s point out the obvious. People who are currently employed as doctors, funeral directors, police officers and telemarketers will certainly be looking for a different profession (praise the Lord). Sin and sickness will not be present in Heaven, so any job that responds to those two things will not be required.  

However, it does appear there will be a certain amount of continuity between life as we know it and life in Heaven. For example, Amos 9:13 tells of a future time when the soil will be so rich the plowman shall overtake the one who gathers. In other words, there will no longer be a gap between time to harvest and time to plant again. For someone like me who loves to plant a seed in the ground and watch the Lord bring the harvest, this is great news! 

Isaiah chapter 11 tells us when the Messiah rules, there will be such a drastic change that even animals will respond to Him positively. In this passage we see wolves lying down with lambs and bears stalking the grass of the field rather than smaller animals of prey. So, yes, it appears there will be animals in Heaven. And someone will need to care for them, just like God commanded Adam to do in the Garden of Eden.

Of course this is speculation at this point, but what if those things that truly interest us become our vocations in God’s Kingdom? My older daughter, who loves to sew, could make stunning clothes for us to wear. My younger daughter, who has an ear for music, could compose beautiful worship songs for our King and Creator.

Surely there could be engineers building, artisans crafting and animal lovers caring for animals. Dream big here!

In all certainty, we can know whatever we are assigned to do in the Kingdom, we will work with a joy in our hearts that we’ve never known this side of Heaven — without the hindrance of fatigue, frustration or foolishness. 

It would be just like our good Father to grant His children the desires of our hearts and allow us to work at the very things we were created to do as we share in the Kingdom of His Son.  

But don’t worry — it’s not all work and no play. As we continue to discuss what we will do in Heaven, we’ll see there is plenty more to do than work.